Sober Living

Sober living is the last step before full reintegration. Our clients devote much time to healing during the residential treatment phase. Now it is time for them to see what living a sober lifestyle can really be like.

Recovery is hard work, but that doesn’t mean a person can’t have fun while they are going through it. Our clients have committed to living sober, and with their whole lives in front of them, they want something to look forward to. The Community Rehab sober living program provides clients with social opportunities that are fun, rewarding, and that will help them avoid relapse after rehab. Our clients in sober living are encouraged to take part in activities that interest them. During the sober living phase, clients have time to experience art and music, movies and sports. We take trips to the beach and to concerts. Clients in sober living can continue doing the things they like, without the dangerous addiction hanging around anymore.

We are a co-ed treatment facility that works mainly with young adults. We do believe that family is important to the recovery process, so we encourage visits from family members and loved ones during our residential and sober living programs. With our help, families can take the time to learn about the addiction, to understand the treatment program, and to develop skills themselves to promote sobriety and prevent relapse after treatment.

We Can Help You Live a Sober Life

One of the most difficult times in a person’s recovery is integrating back to their real life. You will be faced with triggers and temptations to use, and old friends hanging around, waiting for you to fail. Sober living gives you the opportunity to see the positive influence good friends have on your life. You don’t need drugs or alcohol to be happy, be yourself, or have fun. Community Rehab???s sober living helps you experience that first hand.

Community Rehab provides much more than most sober living homes. We help you learn how to live and have fun again, to be social, and to be who you really are. Sober living is the chance to put into practice the things that were learned in therapy, while being surrounded by new-found friends and loved ones that will be encouraging and supportive of your sobriety.

Our sober living community can help you achieve your goals for recovery.

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