Community Rehab offers a complete, supervised drug and alcohol detox program. You will feel safe knowing that our professional staff is on site 24 hours a day. Withdrawal symptoms are unpleasant at best, but our staff understands what you are going through and is here to support you every step of the way. In order to make detox less scary and uncomfortable, we will teach you about addiction and withdrawal. You’ll learn about how your body is reacting to the withdrawal of substances from your system, and we’ll support and comfort you as you cope with this process. We’ll provide daily reports and sympathetic feedback as ways to check in and encourage you on the journey.

Most importantly, you will not be alone. Everyone who goes through recovery must first experience detox, and the support and encouragement of those around you will help you in that process. Detox can last anywhere from one day to ten days, depending on the person, the type of addiction, and the length of time the addiction has been going on.

During detox you will be allowed plenty of rest, and will be fed healthy and nutritious meals. We do allow smoking during our program, because we understand that withdrawing from one substance is difficult enough without having to worry about quitting smoking as well. However, if you do smoke and want to quit, we will support you in that process too.

Detox is often a part of recovery that scares people off, but it does not have to be so intimidating. If you have questions about detox and what to expect from it, contact our us today. Our caring counselors will walk you through the entire process, so that you can begin your sober life

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