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Community Rehab offers comprehensive services for complete recovery. We treat each client as an individual, offering one-on-one therapy sessions and allowing each person to bring their own interests and activities into treatment. Community is truly a family of therapists, staff members, and clients, all living and working together to achieve sobriety.

We believe recovery can be fun, and we offer all that a person new in recovery could want: we let you be yourself; we set you up in the coolest social setting allowed; we don’t have unnecessary restrictions or rules for you while you’re here; and we celebrate your uniqueness. Most importantly, though, we help you put your addiction behind you so that you can get on with your life and do all the things addiction was keeping you from doing.

The first step in recovery is detox.

Before a person can go through rehab and therapy, they need to get off the drugs and alcohol. This takes time, and can be uncomfortable. Most people feel like they are sick with the flu for a few days while going through detox.

Our staff and therapists of Community work to make clients comfortable and help them through this stage of recovery. We have a detox program where you will be provided medication to help with withdrawal and we can also provide individuals with additional holistic ways to manage the pain and discomfort. We are here to offer compassionate support and to keep clients mentally in the game of recovery. Our staff helps to prep healthy meals for our clients in order to help them cleanse the body from the toxins that addiction causes.

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llaguna_mar3_2016_finals_web-050_After detox comes the residential phase of treatment. Clients in our Primary Residential Treatment program live at our facility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, where they learn from and are encouraged by staff and peers. Inpatient treatment usually lasts 30, 60 or 90 days, and is tailored to meet our clients’ needs.

Clients in our program participate in one-on-one sessions with therapists, group sessions with other clients and counselors, and other sober activities with their peers. Our certified counselors are experienced in various therapy modalities, and by using a combination of therapy, exercise, nutrition, and social interactions, we help the entire person to heal.

Our residential program allows time for things our clients like to do, including going to movies and sporting events, and just getting to know each other and hanging out sober. We are unlike other treatment programs because we offer a relaxed atmosphere, and we do all we can to make our program welcoming, comfortable, and as fun and authentic as possible.

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The final step before returning to real life is sober living.

At Community, we offer fun and active sober living options to our clients to put their sobriety into practice. Relapse can occur when a person is not ready to return to the normal stress and responsibilities of daily life. Our sober living allows clients to remain in our community, continue with therapy and rehab activities, and be surrounded by the great group of friends they have grown to know and love. If you join our program, our staff and many of your friends in recovery will be here to support you every way possible as you return to your life, so that you develop and improve your sober living skills, and you have fun doing so.

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Before Community can help a person recover, the person must accept the fact that they have an addiction and need help. Admitting to a problem is the first step to a better life, but many people need some extra encouragement to take that important step.

Our intervention services can help families and loved ones talk to the addict, show them they are loved and appreciated, and help them realize their need for help.

At Community Rehab, we employ specialists who have been licensed in addiction intervention. We help families in crisis situations get their loved one into treatment, and we also work with families, friends, and co-workers to plan strategies for sober living. Our interventionists are more than happy to sit down with you as the family or close friends of someone with an addiction to help you understand your options and lay out the best plan of action for your situation.

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12Recovery from a drug or alcohol addiction takes time, hard work, and dedication. Now that you are sober, you don’t want all that time and energy to go to waste because of relapse. It is important to understand the risk for relapse and learn how to prevent it so you can maintain a life of sobriety from here on out.

Community Rehab offers sober living and long term options for relapse prevention. We do not simply send you on your way after you’ve completed our rehab program; our goal is to help you ease back into your life so that you can keep up your sober lifestyle.

When you are freshly out of rehab and beginning your life again on your own, you will be vulnerable to relapse. The risk is highest for the first few months after rehab, but life and triggers can again raise your risk, even long after treatment. Relapse happens when you feel weak and are unable to stand up to temptations to use, but it also happens when you are overconfident. If you assume you are immune to relapse and feel like you have it all figured out, you can fall into your addiction again. Just like recovery, sobriety requires time and commitment to achieve.

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Our treatment services are designed to bring out your true authentic self without the drugs and alcohol.

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