Why Community Rehab?

We are a great choice for anyone who really wants to get better, and have fun doing it! Community Rehab is a small, boutique treatment center located in Orange, California.

You have many questions right now and that is normal. You may even be fearful or uneasy. We have developed our program to not only be clinically sound, but also to celebrate the individual. Read on to find out “Why Community Rehab?”.

Because you are unique.

No one should be treated like a number. You have one-of-a-kind personality, hopes, and dreams, and we would never want to take those things away from you. We’ll help you get rid of your addiction and achieve your full potential without getting rid of your finest qualities.

Because you can be more.

Too many people with a drug or alcohol addiction are misguided into thinking that they don’t need help. How many times have you said these things yourself? “I can quit.” “I don’t need treatment.” “I can stop using any time I want.” “I’m fine.” If your drug or alcohol use is interfering with your life in any way (and be honest), you need help. We can help you get your life back, and get on track to a life free to do what you want to do without being controlled by substance use.

Because we are professionals.

Our staff consists of physicians, licensed therapists, and counselors who are all here to help you in your recovery. We take rehab very seriously and that’s why our staff remains up-to-date on the latest therapy techniques and our facility has all the amenities necessary to help you achieve sobriety.

Because we know how to have fun.

We are here to achieve results, and we do so in a professional manner, but that doesn’t mean we can’t all have a little fun along the way. Our environment is pleasantly relaxed. We aren’t going to tell you what to wear or who to talk to. We want you to feel at home here, and we believe that you are old enough to make your own decisions. We of course don’t allow drugs or alcohol of any kind, but as long as you are clean and participating in therapy sessions, the rest is pretty much up to you.

Because you need others who care.

Being a committed part of a bigger picture is one of the best ways to achieve lasting recovery. Our community is built on the principle that when we all work together we can achieve so much more. When you come to Community Rehab, you will be welcomed by a group of caring, respectful individuals who will have your back no matter what. Our staff and clients all understand the challenges of drug and alcohol addiction and recovery, and together we experience the benefits of sober living.

Because others need you.

A community like ours is one of the most valuable resources you can find to help with your addiction recovery. But don’t expect that you will be the only one benefitting from our methods. We hope that you will serve as an ambassador to those in recovery around you.

Our alumni often feel so grateful for the support of those at Community Rehab that they want to stick around and help others out too. This model is what makes us both successful and fun, like one big (happy) family.

We invite you to come for the sober social life and for the positive interactions with others, but we hope you stay to help others get to where you are as well. Come and see what our sober community is all about and how it can help you live a truly healthy, happy life.

Our treatment services are designed to bring out your true authentic self without the drugs and alcohol.

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