Community Rehab Treatment Center


Community Rehab is a drug and alcohol rehab center located in Orange, California. We are a co-ed facility that serves people of all ages. Residents of our program benefit from our close-knit group of staff and clients, working together to achieve sobriety that is authentic and lasting.

When you come to Community Rehab, you won’t find a stuffy hospital setting. We are a real-life community in which you will be able to heal and grow as an individual. At Community Rehab, you will find a comfortable, home-like atmosphere. We offer the best amenities in our facility, including updated rooms and furniture, comfortable living areas, and space outdoors to enjoy the beautiful Southern California climate.

Almost everything you need for your stay will be provided for you. All bedding, detergent, and other necessary items are supplied at Community Rehab. If there is something you know will make you more comfortable, we encourage you to bring it.

Our entire program is designed to make you the healthiest you can be, and this includes healthy food and exercise. As a resident of our inpatient program, you will enjoy healthy meals and will be able to make use of exercise equipment to stay in shape. We encourage you to stay active in the healthy things you enjoy doing, and our staff members will accompany you on outings to sporting events, movies, and other opportunities for entertainment.

Above all, we want you to feel at-home at our facility. Our clients develop close relationships with each other and with our staff, and we encourage you to make those bonds as well.

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