About Addiction

Addiction can affect anyone, of any age. The problem most people make is not realizing how completely addiction can control their life, and how difficult it is to be the person they were truly meant to be when abusing drugs or alcohol.

Addiction changes the chemistry of a person’s brain, altering their emotions, personality, and ambitions. When addiction takes over, the person does not want to do the things they would otherwise feel are important. Addicts are unpredictable, restless, and unsatisfied. This is no way to live, yet the addiction hides behind excuses and distractions, and many people continue on in this way rather than getting help.

Recovering from Addiction

There are different philosophies about recovering from addiction. Many people believe that a strict regimen of rules and regulations can change the person so they can be substance-free. At Community, we take a softer, more realistic approach. We believe that you don’t have to completely change who you are in order to be sober. We know that being surrounded by a positive community that offers resources and healing is the best way for teens and young adults to recover. At Community Rehab, you will learn to have fun and be yourself without the burden of drugs or alcohol.

If you are ready to live a life independent of drugs or alcohol, consider the rehab program at Community. We will give you the tools to recover from your addiction through our one-on-one therapy sessions and group therapy. These activities will help you dig deeper into your addiction, understand it, and get to the heart of why you have been doing what you are doing. We want you to feel comfortable around our therapists and get to know them. We also want you to make lifelong friends at our facility; friends that you can count on anytime, anywhere to encourage you when you need it.

Are you concerned about a friend or loved one’s drug or alcohol use? Are you afraid for his or her safety? More than 17 million Americans struggle with addiction, and many more family members wrestle with the decision to do something about it. Too often, addiction carries on, without anyone showing the courage to stand up and stop it.

Addicts can hide their disease so well that no one around them knows anything is going on. Other times, families know there is a problem but they live in denial about it. They might make excuses for the person or try to wait out the addiction. Loved ones often look back and regret that they didn’t pay better attention to the signs of addiction or do something about it sooner. Once addiction has taken hold, it is hard to overcome, and without help the addict will continue in a downward spiral.

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The disease of alcoholism affects millions of Americans every year. Everyone with this addiction struggles with at least some consequences of it, but still fail to acknowledge the damage it is doing in their lives. Alcoholism is a progressive disease, meaning it slowly takes control of a person’s life until their physical being, finances, psychological health, and relationships are affected. Treatment is imperative for alcoholism, because without professional help, most people will not continue living sober for very long.

Alcohol addiction often sneaks up on people. Someone might start by going out with friends to have a few drinks. As they drink more frequently, the person can quickly develop a tolerance so that each time they go out, they drink more to get the same effects. Alcohol might also begin to fill a need, such as helping the person relax or be more personable in social settings. It might numb their physical or emotional pain or make it easier to face life in general. The problem is that when alcohol is abused and used to self-medicate, it becomes a very powerful addiction. Pretty soon the causal drinker will drink even when it isn’t appropriate, or will make bad decisions because of their drinking.

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Few diseases are as misunderstood as drug addiction. People shun the addict, look down on the disease, and are afraid to face it when it occurs due to these stigmas. For those who live it, addiction can seem like an endless trap of disappointment and failure.

Drug addiction can fall into several categories. People can be hooked on stimulants like cocaine or meth. Others abuse benzodiazepines and tranquilizers like Xanax. Marijuana and synthetic drug abuse are also common and cause major problems in a person’s life. Finally, opiates like prescription painkillers and heroin are destroying lives. Each type of drug addiction has its own risks and dangers, and each type controls people and greatly impacts their lives.

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Addiction is a disease, and like any other disease, you need professional help to manage it. There are different treatments that can help you recover from addiction, and what is right for you might not be the right treatment for everyone. It is important to find a facility where you fit in, where you can be on board with the program, and where you can feel like you can truly recover.

Community Rehab is a treatment center that is unique, just like you. We offer more than just therapy sessions; we help you become a part of something bigger than yourself. We help you be the best you can be, and offer healing in all areas of your life.

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Our treatment services are designed to bring out your true authentic self without the drugs and alcohol.

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